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La Trinidad's NewsPaper

La Trinidad, Estelí. Nic. Page #1, Volume 1, Issue 1, Sept. 9th, 1997.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself going to a beautiful place which is small but, as all the interesting tourists sights where you have dreamed of going. You will not have to take a bus to get those wonderful places, by walking, you will be able to find them and enjoy their beauty.

1. POPULATION: There are 25,000 inhabitants. Most people are a mixture of Spanish and Indian descents, those people are called "Mestizos" as almost all nicaraguan people. You will really be fascinated talking to those people who are always there to looking forward to hear and talk to you. They will also be very happy to help you to find anywhere you need to go and as a matter of fact they may invite you to visit their houses, and even stay over night with them and enjoy our delicious typical food, but please do not be afraid you don't have to.It's up to you.

2. TOURISM: One of the most interesting places is La Mokuana's Cave, place where the Indian settled at in 1851 and practiced their costums, the ones they learned from their ancestors and which we are still practicing. Going inside the cave you will be able to see how those people used to live, dressed and/or all kind of information you would like to hear about. Going east in the town, you will find the most modern catholic church of the region. Huge stores, schools, parks, and much more make of this town an extraordinary place to visit any time you want.

3. TRADITIONS: In February, we have two big religious feasts. Besides masses, and all church's activities, we have wonderful parades which are colorfull, and specially done to give the most fun you have ever had. Souvenirs, food shoes, clothes, etc. from each city are sold. People from many other cities visti us every year, so that, you may learn and practice their customs.

4. SHOPPING: Going shopping is really fun, you will not have to spend time going store to store in order to buy something, along the streets, you will meet lots of people offering their products. You can find all kind of stuff such as: clothes, food, appliances, souvenirs, shoes, toys, etc. so that, you will do many differents things at the same time; knowing places, shopping, having fun and incredible exercising.


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